Helping your business
cope with change

We'll help cut through all the jargon and buzzwords and show you the huge potential of working in a way that embraces change, rather than rejecting it. Our approach breaks down into three key areas:


Help development or
operations teams be
more effective


Help management or
project leaders have
their needs met
without conflict


Coach executive
leaders in an
adaptive style of

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Operations background

Ask the right questions

What is our P&L?

What is our plan?

What projects shall
we run?

What will it cost us?

Are we meeting deadlines?

Traditional management

What is our

What is our next experiment?

What products
will we build?

What is the value
to us?

Are we improving metrics?

Adaptive management

Helping tech teams

Let us help transform your technical and development strategy, by building cloud-native apps using self-service platforms like Cloud Foundry.

We also provide team management and training via continuous improvement, using a blend of XP, Kanban and Lean principles.

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Areas we help organisations







Self-service platforms reduce the problem space for your development teams. A platform like Cloud Foundry does the plumbing behind your apps, so your developers can focus on the business value in your apps.

Continuous delivery makes it economical to work in small batch sizes. Making changes becomes trivial, so you can isolate cause and effect to maximise learning.

Cloud-native applications are architected using a new set of principles that enable app teams to own their own availability and scaling.

Organisational change: business agility only occurs when executive teams change their own beliefs about how to allocate money, make decisions and communicate intent. To succeed, enterprises need a hypothesis and value-driven approach at the top, and cloud-native transformation at grass-roots level.