Instructor-led Concourse training

Our exclusive one-day course covers everything beginners need to become proficient in building production systems using Concourse, delivered live by expert practitioners who use Concourse on a daily basis.

  • On-site, or online via Zoom
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Local training environment provided
  • Interactive recap sessions

The extremely hands-on course guides students to author a re-usable pipeline that compiles and tests code, accesses secrets securely and features role-based access control.


The course is suitable for both complete newcomers and those with initial Concourse experience, and comprises 10 modules covering:

  • Setting up a local environment
  • Concourse CLI and web GUI
  • Concourse architecture and deployment options
  • Writing re-usable pipelines
  • Use of built-in and third-party resources
  • Causal flow in pipelines
  • Debugging tasks
  • Secure secrets management
  • Access control and security

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Students should have a development machine with 4GiB RAM capable of running Minikube or KinD. They should be comfortable using the Bash command line, and be familiar with YAML syntax and the concept of containers.

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