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Because we value honesty and transparency our rate card and terms are public for all to see.

Rate card

Engineering Transformation
Senior GBP(£) 1,500 GBP(£) 1,500
Standard GBP(£) 1,200 N/A

Rates quoted exclude VAT, sales taxes, and expenses

Role Definitions


Engineering staff work in pairs, collaborating on the same task in order to increase the quality of their output and share knowledge most effectively.

  • Standard: All our engineers have the authority to make decisions in order to deliver test-driven code to agreed system behaviour definitions. Capable of taking code through the entire journey of story definition to production deployment.
  • Senior: Able to serve as the interface point between the engineering team and the Product Manager. Responsible for maintaining the long-term velocity of the team, through the management of technical debt and ownership of the continuous improvement process.


A transformation consultant will work collaboratively with your executive team and business stakeholders, providing an advisory service. Their responsibility is to help shape the organisational context around PaaS, to deliver the desired business outcomes.

Pricing Assumptions

  • Working Week - Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays
  • Consultant’s Working Day - 7.5 hours, exclusive of lunch and travel
  • Office Hours - 0900-1730, Monday-Friday
  • Additional Hours - Additional hours are not to be worked, in accordance with our values
  • Equipment - Engineering teams are to be provided appropriate computer hardware and levels of access, at the client’s cost
  • Travel, Subsistence and Mileage - Included in day rate within M25, otherwise by agreement in advance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Included in day rate

Payment Terms

  • Work is undertaken on a Time and Materials basis only, invoicing monthly in arrears, based on hours worked as recorded in timesheets
  • Payments are to be made NET30 on date of invoice

Our Values

Our core beliefs drive the way we co-create with our customers. We value honesty, transparency and collaborative work.

Cloud Foundry

We specialise in making Cloud Foundry operable in your organisation. Our aim is to get you from code to user feedback as fast as possible.

Software Engineering

Our process is driven by a clear set of principles and practices, built from complementary elements of eXtreme Programming, Kanban and Lean.

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