Our Customers

We've been fortunate enough to work with some great customers. It's been hugely rewarding seeing the impact of our work in these organisations.


James Abley, Head of Platform Engineering, Marks and Spencer
"They levelled up the entire team on day 1. The attitude and experience that EngineerBetter brought to my team was infectious, and left a lasting mark on our engineers. I would work with them again without hesitation."
Charlotte Spencer, Software Engineer, Marks and Spencer
"As a junior developer I was fearful about working with very experienced developers and pairing full time. The team at EngineerBetter were really supportive, took their time and gave my a wonderful pair programming experience. Now I’m able to pair confidently with other teams!"
Greg Luck, CEO, Hazelcast
"EngineerBetter has excellent cloud expertise, plus a great technical network which they leveraged on helping us design and build out our Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile. They are an official System Integrator for Hazelcast so now customers can benefit directly from their expertise"
Tony Hansmann, Director of Cloud Ops, Pivotal
"EngineerBetter have cut huge amounts of ice in the area of PCF operability for our customers. Delivering 5x the software with 15% of the ops effort are typical results for these folks. When they talked about the first time their Cloud Foundry had upgraded itself overnight while everyone was asleep, I said 'I've been on a 22 year quest to make what you just said happen'"

Case Studies

It's been exciting to be part of the cloud native transition at a global wealth management enterprise. They have learned how to work more effectively, build teams with a growth mindset and operate platforms that embrace continuous change. To find out more you can read the Cloud Foundry Foundation blog post and watch the CF Summit Keynote by Emma Hammond, Global PaaS Platform Owner.

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