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Intensive, Immersive Training with Mob Programming

EngineerBetter recently had the pleasure of delivering a novel training course that bridges the gap between the one-to-one mentoring of pair-programming, and the more scalable one-to-many knowledge transfer of an instructor-led training course.


  • Take 6 factory engineers from a global manufacturer with some experience of assembly, C, C# and Visual Basic.
  • In only five days have them deliver 12-Factor apps written in Java Spring Boot/JavaScript Node that ingest, store and visualise IoT data, and is under version control, test-driven, built using BDD stories, and continuously deployed to Cloud Foundry
  • The above are all things the developers had never done before
  • Achieve the above with only two folks from EngineerBetter

Did our students achieve their goal? Of course! So how did we help them do it?

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The Concentric Rings of the Cloud-Native Enterprise

At EngineerBetter we generally categorise cloud-native transformation challenges into four problem spaces:

  • Self-Service Platforms
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Application Architecture
  • Organisational Change

Through our experiences with enterprises, we began to arrange these problem spaces into a mental model formed of concentric rings. We’ve found it useful to structure our thinking like this when we talk to customers, because it helps highlight how platform adoption tends to reveal new problems and constraints, in an ever wider context.

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The Anthropic Sympathy of Platforms

The way most enterprises operate is wasting both the time and money that they are made from. By learning from cognitive psychology and neuroscience we can find better, more productive ways of working.

The commonly-accepted working practices of today are born of the industrial revolution and the post-war era of mass production. It’s no surprise that these methods are best suited to paperwork factories and not the creative endeavour of solving business problems with software.

Anthropic Sympathy delivered as a keynote at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016

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Introducing Concourse-Up - Deploy Concourse CI in a Single Command

Bessie Coleman, c.1922

It’s no secret that we love Concourse. Concourse is a new kind of continuous integration server that treats pipelines as a first class citizen. It uses declarative config and a minimal UI to ensure that your builds can always be repeated, and your CI server always recoverable.

Concourse is notoriously easy to get started with, but as soon as you want your team to use it in production you’ve previously had to learn BOSH (which is notoriously hard to get started with). Teams who just want great CI shouldn’t need to think about this, so we built a tool called Concourse-Up to get your cluster up and keep it running, using a single command.

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Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Training at CF Summit

EngineerBetter are teaming up with Resilient Scale to deliver the full three-day Cloud Foundry Certified Developer training course in the days before the Cloud Foundry Silicon Valley Summit 2017.

It’s $1,975 for all three days with lunch provided. The course is held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, which is conveniently the same location as CF Summit. You can enrol via Eventbrite.

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It’ll be a packed few days, full of hands-on practical exercises, interactive walk-throughs, and surprisingly few slides. The course is programming-language agnostic, and students also get the pick the brains of two highly-experienced Cloud Foundry consultants - Steve Greenberg and I.

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High Performance Ops for Enterprise PaaS

Last month I spoke at the excellent London Continuous Delivery meetup about how EngineerBetter have recently been helping one of our financial services customers continuously deploy Cloud Foundry.

This is just the beginning of a process of continuous improvement, but already we have seen the magic that can happen when you start working in small batch sizes and begin to organise Enterprise IT teams around a ‘platform as a product’ mindset.

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Continuously Deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry

EngineerBetter recently helped a large financial organisation fully automate their Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployments, taking a manual process that took a whole team more than a week, and replacing it with an hands-off continuous depoyment pipeline that took mere hours, often overnight whilst the team slept. We didn’t just automate the deployment of their PCF: we automated the creation of their cloud infrastructure; deployment of upgrades; installation of security updates; and all with full testing.

Cloud Foundry enables continuous delivery for developers. EngineerBetter bring continuous delivery to platform operators and traditional IT teams. Here’s how.

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Concourse Container Leak

A customer of ours recently had trouble with their Concourse instance which resulted in us raising a GitHub issue describing how containers may get orphaned and that users may experience the error message insufficient subnets remaining in the pool.

This can mostly easily be remedied by performing bosh recreate on the Worker VM, or if you’re not sensible enough to have deployed your Concourse with BOSH, by locating and killing all the orphaned container processes. The debugging journey was rather fun and exposed some of the innards of Concourse and Garden, so we’ve decided to share it.

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Pipelining Platforms, just like Apps

Imagine you’re responsible for operating shared IT services in a global enterprise, providing a self-service platform to your internal developers. If you were to continuously deliver this platform, in exactly the same way as cloud native apps themselves, what would it mean to your teams and your business?

Firstly, try to imagine a shared IT platform in a global company where its suddenly economical to work in small batch sizes, allowing you to actually embrace change rather than resist it.

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EngineerBetter become Hazelcast Partners

EngineerBetter is now a systems integration partner of Hazelcast, Inc., specialising in helping people leverage the Hazelcast in-memory data-grid alongside their Cloud Foundry deployments.

We’re the only Hazelcast SI partner who are also Cloud Foundry Foundation members, making EngineerBetter the go-to consultancy for integrating the two technologies

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EngineerBetter Join the Cloud Foundry Foundation

We’re very pleased to announce that EngineerBetter Ltd is now a silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

EngineerBetter is the only UK-native consultancy that is a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We’re also independent, with no vested interest in selling you one distribution or another.

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We’re looking for people to join the EngineerBetter team.

Whilst we’ve given as succinct a write-up as possible on our Join Us page, we decided to write this blog post to give as much background and context as possible.

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Brain-Aligned Delivery Notes

I’m giving a talk entitled Brain-Aligned Delivery at Spark The Change. The presentation is an aggregration of various cognitive psychology and neuroscience findings that apply to working practices, and this post serves as accompanying notes, with links to its many references.

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Up and running with BOSH and Concourse - Part 2.

In Part 1 of this tutorial we set up a new BOSH director from scratch on AWS. Now it’s time to deploy Concourse!

What will we do next?

  • Create a deployment manifest for Concourse
  • Upload stemcells and releases, then deploy using BOSH
  • Install and get started with the fly cli
  • Try a more complex deployment

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Up and running with BOSH and Concourse - Part 1.

The Cloud Foundry ecosystem has given rise to some amazing things. This series of posts is about two of them - BOSH and Concourse. Together with CF, they form an awesome triangle of tools that will change the way you think about how to get things done when delivering software.

BOSH is the distributed systems powerhouse that makes Cloud Foundry possible. It answers the impossible question: How do you continuously deliver not just an app, but an entire platform of distributed virtual infrastructure?

Concourse is a intuitive, cloud-native CI tool that has a powerful simplicity to it. Actually, I’d go so far as to say it’s more than just an automation tool, it’s a medium for artistic expression! Just have a look at some of the vast Pivotal pipelines (e.g. the Buildpacks team) and marvel at their aesthetic value.

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The Why, How and What of EngineerBetter

Why does EngineerBetter exist?

We started this company to make things better for people who build software for a living. This includes both our customers and our employees.

EngineerBetter was founded in the belief that today’s status quo is not good enough for humans. We think there should be less friction in the way we work. We should be more effective and we should learn quicker.

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Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin

I’m talking at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin 2015 - please do feel free to stop me for a chat!

I’m giving a presentation called The Seven Stages Of Bosh, along with my good pal Chris Hedley, CloudCredo’s Director of Engineering.

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Overflowing buildpack_cache

Between versions 206 and 211 of Cloud Foundry a bug causes buildpack_cache files to be orphaned, increasing persistent disk usage unless manual remedial action is taken.

Users will get the error message Staging error: cannot get instances since staging failed when trying to push or restage apps. Depending on your setup you could get higher AWS S3 bills, or you may run out of persistent disk on your Cloud Controller or NFS Server VMs.

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A Flood of Droplets

If you play the dangerous game of scaling Cloud Foundry DEAs up instead of out, make sure you have plenty of headroom in the CPU department to start with. If you don’t then there’s a good chance you’ll see a heap of no available stagers errors upon cf push and insufficient resources to start errors upon cf start. This will last for an hour before magically fixing itself.

Why is this? What causes all these errors, and what can be done if one gets it wrong?

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OpenJDK 1.8.0_u40 Kerberos MS Auth Bug

I discovered an OpenJDK 1.8.0_u40 bug whereby only the first OID in a Kerberos ticket will be considered for supportability; if your server can only authenticate using mechanisms further down the OID list in the ticket then you’re bang out of luck.

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Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Themes

I’m back from the excellent Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, and have been back in the country long enough to catch up on some sleep. That picture up there is the poolside area where I may have sipped a few pints of Californian IPA between presentations.

There were plenty of interesting talks about specific subjects (CC V3 API, Service Broker API updates), but I wanted to recount some common topics that cropped up.

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