Our values

Make things better

Organisations’ investment and the time of their staff are both very valuable. Don’t repeat past mistakes, accept inefficiencies, or hold back change.

Seek opportunities to learn

World-changing technologies and businesses don’t look like those of five years ago. We stay cutting edge via a range of learning strategies.

Don’t do overtime or ‘crunch’

We do our best work, all day. Overtime and deadline ‘crunch’ hide information about the reality of the project from the people who need to see it.

Favour human contact

We pair in-person every day. We have stand-ups in person. We co-locate, and when that isn’t possible we use remote-pairing technology and video links.

Embrace failure

Failure leads to improvement. Technical problems we diagnose and fix via engineering and automation. Process failures are solved in regular retrospectives.

Call out what isn’t right

A problem can only be fixed if acknowledged. We don’t keep quiet when we see something’s not right — technical, process, conduct or otherwise.

Allow divergence

We don’t enforce standards, but facilitate cross-pollination of ideas. This divergence allows fast team progress, learnings and harvests the best ideas.

Be inclusive

Diverse teams have diverse strengths, respecting attitude, effort, and technical ability. We learn from past IT industry mistakes — we don’t inherit them.

Our leaders

Dan Young, CEO

Dan's career has been a 15 year multi-disciplinary journey through web ops, large scale carrier networking and product management leadership.

He discovered Cloud Foundry in 2012 and became an immediate evangelist, being driven to reduce friction and find more effective ways of working in large organisations.

Before founding EngineerBetter, he led Cloud Strategy and Architecture at Daisy Group and was a Senior Consultant for Service Providers, in EMC Global Alliances.

Daniel Jones, CTO

A software engineer and consultant for 14 years, Daniel has previously worked on Cloud Foundry at Pivotal and CloudCredo, and has helped enterprises and startups adopt and operate Cloud Foundry in production.

Throughout his career he has upskilled developers, introduced agile processes, run departments, commanded budgets of millions, and brought products to market.

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