Focus on delivering the applications that matter to your business.

We help organisations use Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Concourse by offering enablement through delivery, consultancy and training.

We work with some of the world's biggest banks, global wealth management enterprises, FTSE 100 retailers, non-profit organisations and software vendors.

Our Values

Our core beliefs drive the way we co-create with our customers. We value honesty, transparency and collaborative work.

Cloud Foundry

We specialise in making Cloud Foundry operable in your organisation. Our aim is to get you from code to user feedback as fast as possible.

Software Engineering

Our process is driven by a clear set of principles and practices, built from complementary elements of eXtreme Programming, Kanban and Lean.

Learn about the leaders.

Dan Young - CEO

Dan's career over the last 15 years has been a multidisciplinary journey through web ops, large scale carrier networking and product management leadership. He discovered Cloud Foundry in 2012 and became an immediate evangelist. He’s always been driven by a strong desire to reduce friction and find more effective ways of working in large organisations. Before founding EngineerBetter, he led Cloud Strategy and Architecture at Daisy Group and was a Senior Consultant for Service Providers, in EMC Global Alliances.

Daniel Jones - CTO

A software engineer and consultant for 14 years, Daniel has previously worked on Cloud Foundry at Pivotal and CloudCredo, and has helped enterprises and startups adopt and operate Cloud Foundry in production. Throughout his career he has upskilled developers, introduced agile processes, run departments, commanded budgets of millions, and brought products to market.

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